Well Storage Systems


Well PicA Poly-Mart 2500 is a great tank choice for your Well Storage System! In rural areas where a municipal water supply is not available, a well is generally drilled for your water supply. A more modern application that has a growing popularity is a Well Water Storage System. Almost every home with a well has a pressure tank, however not every home with a well has a Water Storage System. Traditional Well Systems work by storing pre-pumped water that can be used at a moment’s notice.  The water is stored in a pressure tank that usually ranges between 20 and 60 gallons.  Unfortunately, people often use more than 60 gallons at a time, and so the pump must run quite often to keep a consistent water supply going to the home.  Well Storage Systems carry numerous advantages over the older traditional well applications.

What are the biggest added advantages of owning a Well Storage System?

  • Larger Availibility of Water Above Ground
  • Increases The Life of Your Pump
  • More Effecient Water Preasure
  • Added Fire Protection for your Home & Property
  • Water Availibilty During Power Outages

One of the biggest differences between the two applications is the capacity.  While pressure tanks only store 20 gallons to 60 gallons, Water Storage Systems usually store 2500 gallons. Having 2500 gallons of water pumped and stored in a tank relieves the amount of times in which your pump has to cycle, saving energy and pump life. If you have an average sized pressure tank with a dishwasher and shower running at the same time, you will almost certainly trigger your pump to turn on. Starting and stopping a pump over time can be very hard on it. If you control how many times your pump cycles, you will increase the life of your pump and have a more efficient system. Well Storage Systems have float switchs installed inside the tank which means your well will pump & stop once the tank reaches a certain level, reducing stress on the well.  With a Well Water Storage System, you can count on water pressure that won’t sputter or lag on you when you really need it giving you the reliability & dependability of City Water.

Well Water Storage Systems also enable the sulfuric gases commonly found in well water to be released limiting well water odor. Due to pressure tanks being fully enclosed, air can’t escape from the tank therefore making the gases remain in the water lines until it’s released at your water faucet. Have you ever wondered why well water can smell? Poly-Mart Storage Tanks come with lids that have vents built in. The vents release the gases as soon as the water is pumped in the tank limiting the odor in the water.

Well Water Storage systems can also benefit you in power outages. Do you have a well and have lost your water supply when you had a power outage? Obviously without power, your pump will not function. With a Well Water Storage System, placement of your tank is very important. If the tank is placed at a higher elevation than the house, you will have the remaining water in your tank available to be gravity fed into the house. Although gravity fed water may not be at your desired pressure, still having water available in times like these is what’s most important. Also consider placing your tank in the shade. During summer months, water in your tank can increase in temperature.  Although every house has a water heater, they usually aren’t equipped with something to cool down the water before entering the house.

Why use a Poly-Mart 2500 for your Well Storage System?

  • Poly-Mart tanks exceed durability & toughness standards your Well Company wants to have in a tank they are installing
  • Our Dark Green, Dark Brown & Black colors are great at limiting the amount of UV allowed in the tank
  • Poly-Mart 2500’s have multiple flat spots letting you enter & exit the tank where you need to rather than where your tank lets you
  • Your tank can be ordered with Ugraded Fittings and Lids
  • Poly-Mart Tanks carry an Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty

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